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Hollywood Private Chef Services has a plethora of bundle services that make booking a chef as easy and convenient as possible. The services offered include catering for small/large parties, meal prep, grocery shopping, and private dining house calls. 

Table Setting for Wedding
Hollywood Catering 

Want to add a flair to your office party? Tired of boring food at your events? Book this service. The catering option allows you to feed small or large groups of people with professionally prepared dishes by a renowned chef. 

Diet Salad
Hollywood Meal Prep Services 

Most people want to live a healthier lifestyle, but simply don't have the time to prepare the meals. Book the Hollywood Private Chef Services, to prepare all of your heathly meals using all fresh and organic products. 

Spaghetti and Wine
Private Dining and House Calls 

Don't buy flowers. Don't make reservations for Sunday brunch. Book the Hollywood Private Chef Services, LLC. to change it up a bit. Booking private chefs are next level and create an experience that can't be found in restaurants. 

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