Hollywood Catering 

Planning an elegant party for your closest friends? Perhaps an intimate anniversary celebration? A birthday extravaganza or a business dinner meant to impress? Whatever your event, Hollywood Private Chef Services, LLC.  is available to make it a culinary success. And no need to limit yourself to dinner. This team of chefs are available for lunches and brunches as well. From a classical French dinner to a brunch with homemade hollandaise, Hollywood Private Chef Services, LLC.  will add exquisite skill to handpicked fresh ingredients to delight you and your guests. We will work with you to create a menu that is perfect for your event, shop for fresh ingredients, and arrive at your home ready to begin preparation.

  • Dinner party fees start at $125 per person plus grocery cost for sit down (three course, additional courses available at minimal cost), $250 minimum. 

  • Catering service fees start at $65 per person plus grocery cost (total price/ food cost vary depending on number of selections, item availability, and market prices ie. fresh seafood). Appetizer receptions are quoted upon request.

  • Brunch plated/buffet fee start at $125 per person plus grocery cost (total price/ food cost vary depending on number of selections, item availability, and market prices ie. fresh seafood).


Make any event a memorable one.  Contact Hollywood Private Chef Services, LLC. to plan your next major event today! We hope to hear for you soon and assist you in making our culinary expertise available to you.


Hollywood "Fit" Meal Prep Services  

The service of meal prep provided by Chef Danni Hollywood gives clients the option of personalizing and picking customized meal plans to suit their everyday life. The pricing includes personalized shopping as well as chef tailored recipes to suit the taste of each and every client. Services include plans for vegans, vegetarians, weight loss or gain, and health issues (ie. diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure).

(PLEASE NOTE: Meal prep service prices do not include food cost).

10 meals (2 meals x 5days) - $100.00

14 meals (2meals x 7 days) - $150.00


Surcharges/ Add- ons

Fruit Medley- $2.00/ea

Garden Salad- $2.00/ea

Soup (customized/made to order)- $3.00/bowl

Intimate Private Dining/ House Call Services and Prices

As a private chef service, we will assist you in planning and organizing your dinner party event and will prepare and serve an elegant menu tailored to your specifications. Private Dining/ House call services include:

  • A pre-event meeting with you for menu planning and getting acquainted with your kitchen, your serving pieces and dinnerware

  • Menu development

  • Shopping for all groceries

  • Dinner preparation in your kitchen on the day of the event using your pots, pans and large and small appliances. I will supplement my own pots, pans and small appliances (food processor, mixer, etc.), as necessary

  • Serving hors d'oeuvres and dinner

  • Clean up – your kitchen, pots, pans, serving pieces and dinnerware will be left spotless; you, the host(s) will be responsible for putting them away

On the night of your dinner party your job is to enjoy yourself, your party and your guests.

You, the host(s), will be responsible for the purchase and serving of liquor and wine.

If it is determined that your serving pieces and dinnerware will not accommodate the number of people you wish to entertain, renting these essentials will be necessary. I will arrange the rental, the pick-up and return. You will be asked to pay a 50% rental deposit after a quote is received and you will be invoiced for the balance the day of the event. A rental pick-up and return fee of $50 will be charged, which is due the day of the event.

Dinner parties generally consist of the following elements but can be adapted to your needs:​

  • Salad or Soup

  • Entrée and one or two appropriate side dishes

  • Dessert


Service Fees for In-Home Chef Services 

The minimum service fee for in-home chef services is $250 minimum, which includes you, the host(s). Please refer to the listing below for additional guests.

Service for 2 to 4 persons                                     $250-$500

Service for 6 to 8 persons                                     $750-$1000

Service for 10 to 15 persons                               $1250-$1875

Service for 16 or more                                            TBD

Service for parties of 50 or more will be negotiated by the chef or at a set rate/service fee of $65 per person (excluding food cost) contingent upon the guest count.

The cost of groceries is extra and is not included in the service fee;  grocery deposit (total cost of food/supplies) will be due at the time  services are engaged as well as 50% of the total service fee.

We are also available for luncheon, brunch and breakfast parties, as well as cocktail parties. Services for these events are virtually identical to dinner party event services.