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Hollywood Private

Chef Services, LLC

Hollywood Private Chef Services, LLC. is a private chef service company started by Chef Danavia King "Chef Danni Hollywood". The company began to expand with the popular use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This private chef service company is encompassed with a network of talented and experienced culinary artists that will effectively bring any food vision to life. The Hollywood Private Chef Services, LLC. prides ourselves on delivering our clients the best service possible all while leaving a loving and lasting impression that keep our clients coming back. 

Chef Fresco
RaaShauna Payne 
Rodney Clifton 

Meet  the Team

Sous Chef 


Chef Fresco is the heart of the team. His stern direction and attention for detail ensures that the team is always on their toes. Chef Fresco was classically trained in a military brigade kitchen which makes whatever task he's faced with effortless. 

Executive Assistant 

RaaShauna Payne serves as the backbone of this company. RaaShauna's organizational skills and her love for customer service allows her to handle all clerical, scheduling, and marketing tasks with ease. Raashauna attended Argosy University where she received her Masters in Business Admin. 

Creative Director 


Rodney Clifton serves as our Creative Director. He makes it possible for all of our images and video footage to come out as flawless and appealing as possible. Clifton attended Chapman Univ. where he received his Masters in the art of Cinematography. Clifton is considered the 6th Man of the team, willing to step in and catch the slack at any event.